WHITE FLAG- Bleedin In Sweden  7" EP / Download    

Live from Euro tour -86 ! A longer extended Digital version will be out later in 2012 to celibrate 25 years since this record was released in june 1987 !  Vinyl version= Sold Out !      more info and pictures 





(Sold Out)




PLAGUE - Unresting Place 7" EP /  Download

This hot Ohio band had a previous 7" (in a LP jacket) and quickly got this one out prior to a European tour. Five tunes, all done in a raw, early punk/HC style that`s got that speciall edge. TOP-NOTCH SHIT ! Watch out for an LP in fall!

(TY - Maximurocknroll)     more info

( 2015 reissue)



PLAGUE- Just Say No 7"EP / Download     

I really like this band-just straight out raging punk,no bullshit, no sappy crap!! They`re out of Ohio, but this Swedish label was smart enoungh to pick up on them and has been putting out their vinyl. Fast punk and hardcore, all delivered convicingly and with vicious sharpness. (Sold Out.)

(TY - Maximurocknroll)      more info




PLAGUE- Chain Sawng Massacre LP / Download

More hot HARDCORE from Cleveland`s finest ... 17 songs of pure mayhem a la 82-83 . more info

(Sold Out)




NO IDEA-12 song EP /  30 song Download

 12 songs recorded in 1986 by one of the most underrated Swedish Hardcore bands ever! Finspång Container Hardcore.





Cheetah from DEAD BOYS together with members from PLAGUE, CRAMPS and PAGANS.

Release date:Coming soon... Have been waiting for a release for more then 20 years.....




If you have o copy of this....You are lucky.........




WHITE FLAG- Step Back 10 CD / Download       

53 songs CD ,sold out vinyl  albums like..Feeding Frenzy, Third Strike, Peace, S IS For Space, R IS For Rocket and Criminal Pogo 7" !  CD version = Sold out.     more info and pictures 





SLUSH PUPPIES- The Cosmic Trip CDs       

Power flower rock`n`roll al’a Dinosaour JR and Sebadoh.These guys kicks ass!!!







  w/ The Mobile Mob Freakshow, Sacrofish Plague, Greenscab, Killrays, Brezhnev, Humpy, The Sisters Of Morrissey, The Insignificant, Masskontroll, Miriamplace and The Wretched Ones. 





WHITE FLAG / BABY DEMONS (SATOR)- Split 7" EP . Limited  Edition .  






PLAGUE - Thumper - 1982-1992 CD / Download  

w / Just Say No EP, Unresting Place EP, Distortion Head split LP, Chain Sawng Massacre LP, Play Dead EP (unreleased record) and unreleased demo from 1982 . Limited Edition CD


    more info






STARK RAVING MAD- Amerika CD / Download   

 Nuclear Blast  released a vinyl version of this record back in 1989 ! After a long time  the CD will finally  be released !The most underrated US Hardcore band ever! Brutal fast stuff from Houston Texas. 32 songs like early DRI style hardcore .Was originally released as two 12" in 1984 and 1985.       more info





STAPLES-Punk Rock Girls Download

Brasilian Punk Chicks from Coca Cabana ! They are cute and the really rock too!!!





RF7-Addictions & Heartache CD

RF7 Hardcore legends from the LA area this is the best stuff they have done since the early days you cant mimic this sound great hardcore .




The DEHUMANIIZERS-The First Five Years (of drug use) Anthology  40-song 2 x CD

The two disc set includes The First Five Years (of Drug Use) Anthology. A complete 40 song/clip CD showcasing the best Dehumanizers songs ever, remixed and digitally remastered. The Kill Lou Guzzo 7 inch EP is included in its entirety. Selected tracks from End Of Time, Here's To You, and Go Hollywood bring about an intense climax. And if you thought that was all from disc one, it's not. A previously unreleased cut, "Tough Luck" is in the mix. Disc two is for the historians who want the Dehumanizers in their original-uncut and unedited format. That's right - disc two is the End of Time LP in its original-uncut format.

Finally available for all Europeans..





TV EYE - Nice People  31 song CD

Do you remember the early 80`s in CA. ? Bands like the DICKIES, ANGRY SAMOANS, DILS! Thats what TV EYE is about ! TV EYE from Sweden with ex members from the legendary Swedish punk/hardcore band RAPED TEENAGERS! the bands first full ....This is Punkrock how it should sound like.. short and fast..

Words by Doc from Dr. Strange Records

I can HONESTLY say its Fucking AWESOME! No kidding, amazing, right up my alley. I LOVED it right from the beginning. God, I.I'll let as many people know of TV Eye that I can. It's an awesome release!


TV EYE - Nice People CD

One of those slabs that makes any self respecting reviewer sit up and take notice. Refreshingly delicious rockn`punk with an infectious heavy dose of the besy of the early dickies and liberal slice of Marked Men, which we Euros can claim one of our own. A four piece twin-guitar ugly-looking Swedsih band that have hit the proverbial nail on the head with 31 uplifting one to two minutes salves that get both thumbs fully erect. easily my pick of the bunch.

Review from ARTCORE # 28









OFFENDERS - Anthology 1981-1985 CD / Download

This anthology covers the period between 1981 and 1985 when the Offenders were most active. Texas was always a source of great hardcore, but the state was taken to a new level when the Offenders took the stage, presenting their music to vast audiences all across the globe. Sadly, Michael Donaldson, a/k/a Mikey Offender, departed this world on September 27, 2007, but the ever so talented bass player left behind a punk rock legacy that until now could only be shared with the rest of the players of the Offenders. A   classic punk rock release.

Important info: this is an new official version!  This version has a new front/backcover and new booklet.

CD version "sold out". Try any of our distributors.   




RF7 - Hatred On The Rise CD / Download

These Punk veterans celibrate 30 years of real punk! There best album up to date.On this recording original members from the 80`s and todays members do it together..and the result is KILLER..



By Rad Brad
RF7 have more releases out than the Stones I think. Never straying from the formula, this is perhaps their best release. The Wolf man is an amazing song with great guitars. You get slow, fast, slow then really fast songs. The song legacy explains their travels. Great lyricism, great guitars and songs, you wont be able to stop listening that stick in your head. I put them in the Ramones, Misfits,Motorhead, Black Flag pre Henry styles. SoCal surf sound is all over as well. I was thinking this band is the least sell out of any punk band and I love that. This is hardcore at its best and if you buy it you will love it. I hope there is more or a tour. Brad


RF7 - Hatred On The Rise {Just4Fun} First album from this underrated Californian HC band since 2004’s ‘Addictions And Heart Aches’ and it’s great to hear the veterans cutting it in such a formidable way still. This is quite novel in the that half of the disc was recorded by the 1980s line-up and the other half by the current band. It’s a good mix too; the current line-up certainly has the edge in terms of sound and urgency but there’s a gnarled, cantankerous bile about the 80s version. Both line-ups tackle the title track while other highlights include the vintage thrashtastic ‘Old Enough To Die’ re-recorded by the new line-up, opener ‘Worlds On Fire’ and the political double-pronged attack of ‘Left My Arm In Fallujah’ and the incinerating ‘Peace Is Not An Option II’. Soundwise, imagine a mix of THE FREEZE and D.O.A with a hint of LOWER CLASS BRATS and you’re there - especially if you add some of Lemmy’s meets Lee Ving’s dulcet tones about the vocal! With no signs of sounding old or jaded, this 19 track slab shows many of today’s young guns how to do it - and do it in style! (03.01.11)  






Split release by legendary US hardcore band VERBAL ABUSE (featuring old singer Nicki Sicki again), German/American skate/punkrock band SCHEISSE MINELLI and Dutch loud and fast hardcore band THE SHINING.


VERBAL ABUSE SCHEISSE MINNELLI. SHINING, The - Speed Kills.....But How`s Dying ?

Speed Kills... But Who’s Dying {Just4Fun} Three bands, five tracks each and as the title suggests, you won’t find any sludgey Grunge here. The infamous VERBAL ABUSE kick off. Any USHC fan will know their classic ‘Just An American Band’ album and these recordings see original vocalist, Nicki Sicki back in the fold. Besides the bile-laced hyper Thrash of ‘My Disease’ and ‘3 Seconds’, there is a slight slowing of pace - most notably on ‘I Don’t Feel Right’. Not too sure about some of the double bass drum beats, but generally this is a convincing return. Germany’s SCHEISSE MINNELLI follow with the sneering, ominous and sarcastic crawl of ‘Mindless’ before exploding into a DEAD KENNEDYS meets OFFENDERS tight, intense Thrash that grabbed a few guitar chops from ANNIHILATION TIME. Vocalist Samuel el Action is actually an American who possesses a clear, strong and decidedly arrogant voice. Best band here! Amsterdam’s THE SHINING finish off with some proficient Bay Area-esque Thrash Metal guitars and glass-gargling growled vocals. There’s a hint of RAW POWER and some NYHC-stylee backing vocals here and there, but generally it’s a bit too Metal for my ears. It’s all over in under half-an-hour; for those who like it short, fast and loud, this could be your compilation of the year. (29.09.11)

Verbal Abuse / Scheisse Minelli / The Shining – Speed Kills… But Who’s Dying SPLIT CD
Posted by Martijn On September - 5 - 2011

Verbal Abuse / Scheisse Minelli / The Shining – Speed Kills… But Who’s Dying

Verbal Abuse / Scheisse Minelli / The Shining – Speed Kills… But Who’s Dying SPLIT CD (Just 4 Fun)
Although Verbal Abuse is about 20 years older than the other bands on this three-way split, their energy levels are still out of this world, and they can still teach the youngsters a trick or two. Five amazing, short and hard-hitting songs, by a legendary band now with old singer Nicki Sicki on vocals again. Scheisse Minnelli are of US / German descent, but their sound is very much American. It’s all about speed too, but this band has more cross over feel than Verbal Abuse. Final band are the Amsterdam thrash kings, The Shining. Being the metal head I am, I love this band the most. Pure uncut thrash from time when both Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies where in their infancy. The band can, these days, best be compared to Municipal Waste, but even more out of control. Guess you never thought that was possible. Get your skate boards out and act like it’s 1985. Go! Martijn Welzen
Music Reviews



PUSRAD - Smarttrams 7" EP

No Spotify, No Itunes, No Bullshit or any other Sappy Crap….. Just Real VINYL!

Two founding members of Swedens Raped Teenagers are now together again in a new band called Pusrad. The name paying homeage to one of the songs on RTs first 14 track 7” EP. While the music may be reministic of RT, this is not a new RT or a continuation of that band.  It’s a brand new start. While Hardcore might be what you hear they try not to rehash the past or falling into the retro trap so many bands of today do. Seven songs in two minutes is what you get on Pusrads debut 7” E.P. Short, blistering with hooks and speed.  Give it a spin.


Charlie M. sez:"Thus is ridiculously great! Listening to this makes me laugh out loud and gives me goosepimples the way I haven’t had since the mid 80s……and an erection too – bonus! If Koro had been told in ’84 to go away and write some progcore vignettes this is what they might have striven to have come up with."


 This is really, really good stuff. so stripped down and yet so maximal. funky and joyful without ever being cheesy...while i'm not totally hateful against today's diy hardcore (only against 92%, haha!) this is exactly what's missing: serious, well played music with charme and ideas and a bit tongue in cheek."

Dierk of 80s Austrian HC band Extrem.


Perfection. Sort, sharp, to the point. Clever, full of energy, sounding like the best and yet like no one else. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing more that I could say. This yellow piece of plastic has so much energy, it makes me breathless. Thus the concept of “Smart Trams” is perfect: Short songs – and only 7 of them. This way, it never gets boring. Well, it wouldn’t get boring if it were a double album. But don’t tell them.
PUSRAD is from Sweden and consists of Peter and Packe, formerly of Raped Teenagers.


Erich from


När två medlemmar från det gamla örhänget Raped Teenagers bestämmer sig för att återigen skapa musik så får de ihop 7 låtar som är över på ungefär 2 minuter. Ni förstår troligtvis hur det låter och att det går undan. Den avslutande låten summerar egentligen Pusrad helt perfekt, eller vad sägs om följande textrad "En jävla massa do re mi, jag behöver inga skalor och ingen rytmik", och detta är precis vad Pusrad är. Punk och inga regler. Alls.

Man får lyssna ett bra tag på sjutummaren för att verkligen hitta guldkornen, eftersom musiken oftast är snabbare än öronen och känslornas uppfattningsförmåga. Efter ett tag inser man dock att låtar som Totalviagra och Cryptosporidium är de spår som både överrumplar och tar över hela vardagsrummet på precis rätt sätt. Pusrad är ingen fortsättning på det som Raped Teenagers sysslade med, utan det står jävligt bra på egna ben och låter inte som något annat från Sverige just nu. Med andra ord, beställ skivan innan den tar slut, för du vill utan tvekan vara en del av det smarta tramset som är Pusrad.




"The Inmates Are Running The Asylum"Best Of K.B.D.Punk 1978-1988 - Comp. LP / Download

w/ Jim Jacobi and the Crap Detectors, The Outpatients, Sharon Tates Baby, Siezure, Freddy Boots Movement, The Hates, Butch Minds the Baby, Lipstick, Agent 86, Sumpfpäpste, The Blackjax, The Terminals, Humidifer, The Seat Belts,The RokTots,The Nihilistics, The Detonators, RF7, Defnics and White Flag.

Vinyl version coming later




PLAGUE - DEMO -82 + Live from Euro tour -89 Download Release Only.

9 songs from the Cleveland finest Hardcore band. Recorded in 1982 . Unreleased recording! Live recording from Rose Club in Cologne ,Germany on the 1989 tour.





RÖVSVETT- Hunden Beskyddar  Människan.......  7" EP / Download

The bands first demo from 1984 finally availible on a 7" EP .  SWEDISH CULT BAND....






TV EYE - Working Bee 7" EP / Download

New record from the Swedish Kings of fast and short Punk tunes...Mailorders include a free CD.

Holy shit! How is this the first time I've ever reviewed TV Eye?! If these Swedes were any more up my alley, they'd be on my bowling team! All four members have been playing in bands since the late '70s and early '80s, and in 1998 they joined forces to become TV Eye. They put out a couple CDs in recent years that I somehow managed to miss, but I'm all over their new EP! Working Bee turns out 10 poppy rippers in less than nine minutes, and it's a freaking blast! Imagine The Dickies if they'd been on Killed By Death comps or the Buzzcocks on an amphetamine bender. These guys promise short, fast songs in a '77 punk style, and that's exactly what they deliver. Sometimes when bands play this fast, the melodies get obscured a little. But somehow, TV Eye run right through that problem. For sure, they keep it quick and catchy. But even amidst all that frenzy, the hooks are easy to find and sure to delight. Pogo party tonight, and everyone's invited! Who's bringing the Jolt cola?!

Review from Faster and Louder Blog.


TV EYE - Working Bee {Just4Fun} A truly wonderful 10-track 7" from these impossible-to-hate Swedes. Picking up where the excellent album, ‘Nice People’, left off, these tracks are short, frantic and as catchy as a skin disease in a leper colony. THE DICKIES influence is still impossible to ignore (check ‘Lie Detector’) but elsewhere there is a distinct turn towards something more gnarled as heard on ‘A Chorus Line’ and the title track, while ‘Television Generation’ contains the same sneering Punk drive of STEVE ADAMYK BAND. Add on the closer, ‘Notebook No 1’ that’s a perfect slice of room-trashing, lose-yr-mind furious Punk Fucking Rock and you are close to a flawless EP. Orange or black vinyl, raw but not crap production and buzz-saw guitars played through killer tunes that so many promise but very few deliver. If ya dig REZILLOS and CIRCLE JERKS in equal measures, then welcome TV EYE to ya turntable. They could very well be your new favourite band. (6.08.13)




THE SHINING –Rise Of The Degenerates  LP

From Hollands masters of  crossover/hardcore/ punk/thrash/ metal.

Killer debut album from this hot band. Good reviews everywhere. Album include a FREE CD of Verbal Abuse / Scheisse Minelli / The Shining – Speed Kills… But Who’s Dying SPLIT CD.

I love this band the most. Pure uncut thrash from time when both Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies where in their infancy. The band can, these days, best be compared to Municipal Waste, but even more out of control. Guess you never thought that was possible. Get your skate boards out and act like it’s 1985. Go!



The Shining – Rise Of The Degenerates LP (Just 4 Fun)
Comparing bands to other, usually better known, bands can be a bit tricky. The Shining has been compared, by me, with (old) Municipal Waste on several occasions. The Amsterdam pack of hungry wolves, obviously do not sound EXACTLY like their American counterparts. On ‘Rise Of The Degenerates’, even less. The Shining seems to become more of a pure crossover band of the 80s, in the sense of a primitive Suicidal Tendencies and a punky DRI, rather than a modern thrash metal band, a direction I was thinking they would take after their previous efforts. It is now safe to say that The Shining have found a drinking hole of influences, which is pretty much fresh water. The liquid is still slightly contaminated with the bands mentioned above, and also Nuclear Assault or The Accused. And judging by the BGK cover ‘Rules’, they also know their Dutch punk history. The band’s love for these crazy classic bands makes this one amazing pleasure to listen to, as the joy in playing and the respect for the heroes of old go hand in hand. The compact, crunching songs, with the uncontrollable urge to derail entire societies, gives energy and puts an evil smile on your face. Madness still rules supreme, but more and more on The Shining’s own terms. Let your inner degenerate take control and mosh.

Martijn Welzen/Mass Movement Magazine

Listen and order from Bandcamp





 No Words Needed... Kings`s Of Punk....

release date: 2015 spring





WHITE CROSS - What`s Going On / Fascist LP

 Killer re-issue from Richmonds finest! These long out of print records was released on vinyl back in 1982/1983. Finally a re-issue on the right format. All stuff are remastered. The great US label Grand Theft Audio did a CD compilation back in 1995.

Release date:2015



RÖVSVETT - Ryssen Kommer EP

Release date:2015




RÖVSVETT - Jesus Var En Tomte EP

30 years celebration anniversary edition with 1 bonus song.

Release date:2015




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