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WHITE FLAG- Bleedin In Sweden 7" 6- song EP/ 19 -song Digital

Live from Euro tour -86 ! A longer extended DOWNLOAD version will be out later in 2012 to celibrate 25 years since this record was released in june 1987 ! Vinyl version= Sold Out ! More info and pictures



SLUSH PUPPIES- The Cosmic Trip CDs

Power flower rock`n`roll al’a Dinosaour JR and Sebadoh.These guys kicks ass!!!

Free with orders.....



w/The Mobile Mob Freakshow, Sacrofish Plague, Greenscab, Killrays, Brezhnev, Humpy, The Sisters Of

Morrissey, The Insignificant, Masskontroll, Miriamplace and The Wretched Ones.




WHITE FLAG / BABY DEMONS (SATOR)- Split 7" EP . Limited  Edition .  


Sek 40 - euro 4.50 - $ 6


PLAGUE - Thumper CD / Digital

w / all vinyl and unreleased stuff . 1982 to 1992 ! Limited Edition CD more info






STARK RAVING MAD- Amerika CD / Digital

Nuclear Blast released a vinyl version of this record back in 1989 ! After a long time the CD will finally be released !The most underrated US Hardcore band ever! Brutal fast stuff from Houston Texas. 32 songs like early DRI style hardcore .Was originally released as two 12" in 1984 and 1985.





RF7-Addictions & Heartache CD

Cult band from the BEACH PUNX 1982 Los Angeles scene!!! Another amazing come back! yes they played the 100% real hardcore in the same old school style! 15 new tracks that you will love if you are into the CIRCLE JERKS, MINOR THREAT, RAW POWER early stuff!!!!!!!!

RF7 has soldiered on for well over two decades and not because of any delusions of that big contract being right around the corner,but because it is in their blood to play. Felix writes about what he has lived and witnessed, real despair, weakness, excess and redemption. Putting up the instrumental muscle on this release,RF7's eighth full length, is a group of veteran hardcore musicians who punish their gear like abusive parents while at the same moment keeping it all focused and in time.





The DEHUMANIZERS-The First Five Years (of drug use) Anthology 2 x CD

Finally available for all Europeans !  32 page booklet + 40 songs 2 x CD from this great old Punk-Hardcore-Metal Band.

The two disc set includes The First Five Years (of Drug Use) Anthology. A complete 40 song/clip CD showcasing the best Dehumanizers songs ever, remixed and digitally remastered. The Kill Lou Guzzo 7 inch EP is included in its entirety. Selected tracks from End Of Time, Here's To You, and Go Hollywood bring about an intense climax. And if you thought that was all from disc one, it's not. A previously unreleased cut, "Tough Luck" is in the mix. Disc two is for the historians who want the Dehumanizers in their original-uncut and unedited format. That's right - disc two is the End of Time LP in its original-uncut format.




RF7 - Hatred On The Rise CD / Digital


These Punk veterans celibrate 30 years of real punk! There best album up to date.

On this recording original members from the 80`s and todays members do it together..and the result is KILLER..






OFFENDERS - Anthology 81-85 CD / Digital buy

Important info: this is an new official version !

This version has a new front/backcover and new booklet ! It also has a correct tracklisting….

After the re-release of the classic "endless struggle" LP, now here's the chance to get all previous released tracks from one of the all time greats at once. TEXAS Offenders for who don’t know 'em by know offered some of the best technically skilled hardcore EVER!! starting out as more of a punk band,the evolved in a blistering monster, with "Mickey offenders" magic trigger finger bassing, thunderous drumming, smashin' guitar playing that's just all over the fuckin place and JJ's trademark desperate rushed vocals. young 80's angst overdrive to the max! Contains material from: Lost Causes 7", I Hate Myself 7", Fight Back 7", Endless Struggle LP and We Must Rebel LP. CD version is sold out.


CD version "sold out". Try any of our distributors.   


TV EYE - Nice People  31 song CD

Do you remember the early 80`s in CA. ? Bands like the DICKIES, ANGRY SAMOANS, DILS! Thats what TV EYE is about ! TV EYE from Sweden with ex members from the legendary Swedish punk/hardcore band RAPED TEENAGERS! the bands first full ....This is Punkrock how it should sound like.. short and fast..




Split release by legendary US hardcore band VERBAL ABUSE (featuring old singer Nicki Sicki again), German/American skate/punkrock band SCHEISSE MINELLI and Dutch loud and fast hardcore band THE SHINING.




PUSRAD - Smarttrams 7" EP

Two founding members of Swedens Raped Teenagers are now together again in a new band called Pusrad. The name paying homeage to one of the songs on RTs first 14 track 7” EP. While the music may be reministic of RT, this is not a new RT or a continuation of that band. It’s a brand new start. While Hardcore might be what you hear they try not to rehash the past or falling into the retro trap so many bands of today do. Seven songs in two minutes is what you get on Pusrads debut 7” E.P. Short, blistering with hooks and speed. Give it a spin.

Charlie M. sez:"Thus is ridiculously great! Listening to this makes me laugh out loud and gives me goosepimples the way I haven’t had since the mid 80s……and an erection too – bonus! If Koro had been told in ’84 to go away and write some progcore vignettes this is what they might have striven to have come up with."

Sek 40 - euro 4.50 - $ 6



TV EYE - Working Bee 7" EP/Digital

New record from the Swedish Kings of fast and short Punk tunes...Mailorders include a free CD.


Words by Doc from Dr. Strange Records

I can HONESTLY say its Fucking AWESOME! No kidding, amazing, right up my alley. I LOVED it right from the beginning. God, I.I'll let as many people know of TV Eye that I can. It's an awesome release!


Sek 40 - euro 4.50 - $ 6

Working Bee cover art



THE SHINING –Rise Of The Degenerates LP

From Hollands masters ofcrossover/hardcore/ punk/thrash/ metal.

Killer debut album from this hot band. Good reviews everywhere. Album include a FREE CD of Verbal Abuse / Scheisse Minelli / The Shining – Speed Kills… But Who’s Dying SPLIT CD.

I love this band the most. Pure uncut thrash from time when both Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies where in their infancy. The band can, these days, best be compared to Municipal Waste, but even more out of control. Guess you never thought that was possible. Get your skate boards out and act like it’s 1985. Go!


Sek 100 - euro 11 - $ 14




RÖVSVETT- Hunden Beskyddar  Människan.......  7" EP / Digital

The bands first demo from 1984 finally availible on a 7" EP .  SWEDISH CULT BAND....Mailorders include a free CD.

Sek 40 - euro 4.50 - $ 6



7" Vinyl

999 - Gimme The World (US Tour 2009) 7" EP

Yes, this is England’s 999 from the late 1970s. All NEW material from this truly legendary band! Limited Edition of 300.

Sek 40 - euro 4.50 - $ 6


AVO - Violent Hardcore 7" EP 

 Vinyl press of the 1998 demo session. Australian hardcore at his best. 300 copies. Red wax. Who Cares Records

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50


BEACHWOOD SPARKS - Desert Skies/Make it Together- 7"

Their first 7-inch, released prior to their signing to Sub-Pop. Beachwood Sparks features an array of original songs every bit as memorable as their inspirations, bursting with four-part harmonies and ringing, jangly guitars, not to mention "Farmer" Dave Scher's Pink Floydish unexpected, distorted excursions on the old lap-steel. Derivative it may be, but the territory they're exploring is largely unmapped.

Sek 40 - euro 4.50 - $ 6



BROKEN BONES - Death Walks The Street - EP

The UK's Broken Bones are back with an all new three song ear piercing EP of punk rock! Going back to their early 80s roots, this new release is raw powerful punk rock with insightful lyrics. Fans old and new will love this one!

Sek 40 - euro 4.50 - $ 6



Brutal Truth is a grindcore band from New York City formed by bass player Dan Lilker (Nuclear Assault, Anthrax, SOD, Exit-13, Malformed Earthborn, The Ravenous, Overlord Exterminator, Hemlock, Venomous Concept, Crucifist) in 1990. Brutal Truth was active mainly from 1990-1999, releasing four studio albums during that time including the classic Need To Control. They reformed in 2006, toured the world and released the new album Evolution Through Revolution in 2009. Besides the five studio albums the Brutal Truth discography includes several EPs and rare split singles .

Spazz was an influential American powerviolence band active between 1992 and 2000. The trio released numerous records within this time, many of which are now highly collectible due to their relative rarity. The band's releases often showcased their unusual sense of humour: absurdly long and nonsensical song titles, audio samples from b-movies and kung-fu films between songs and the occasional use of hip hop beats as well as saxophones, banjos and other instruments rarely associated within hardcore punk. All three of the members shared vocal duties, usually changing in sequence from line to line.

 Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50




Brutal Truth was formed by Dan Lilker in 1990. The band split-up in 1998 and reformed in 2006 with a new guitar player. Rupture was a hardcore punk band from Perth, Australia, that formed in the 1980s and were active until around late 2001, when vocalist Gus Chamber died. The original release was released by Brutal Truth's Drummer (Rich Hoak's) label "Deaf American The original record is a highly sought after, and is hard to come by. It's now being re-released by DeepSix Records. Featuring new artwork by Brutal Truth's lead screamer Kevin Sharp! (Deep Six Records #162)

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50


CARDIAC ARREST - Lifes a Dead End 7" EP

Brand new EP from these Midwest ragers! On their second EP, St. Louis? CARDIAC ARREST deliver six more ripping tracks of fast and pissed hardcore, reminiscent of early boston bands like NEGATIVE FX or the F.U.?s. If you picked up their debut 7?, you should have an idea of what to expect, only better the second time around! Clocking in six songs at approximately six minutes, this EP will have you floored before you even realize what hit you. Short, fast, raw, abrasive and in your face, exactly how hardcore was meant to be played.

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50


CALLOUS-Fucking Useless 7” EP

Callous features members of Backslider/Chainsaw to the Face. Sludged out, drugged out heaviness that brings to mind bands like Suffering Luna, Gasp, EYEHATEGOD with some NEANTDERTHAL being somewhat CORRUPTED and finishing off with a little OUTLAW ORDER and you got a perfect CALLOUS. Members from BACKSLIDER Limited to 300 copies

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50


Citizens Patrol / Reproach Split 7'' EP

 HARDCORE-PUNK / FASTCORE - Two times Hardcore punk, wicked fast and pretty sick. CITIZENS PATROL from the Netherlands deliver 4 new songs ffo NEGATIVE APPROACH, DRI or TEAR IT UP, that will make you crazy. REPROACH from Belgium are know for their crude and angry hc punk somewhere between INFEST and DEAD STOP - two new songs. Two of Europes most active skate- / thrash- / fast- / 80s hc bands, that team up for a very overdued release for all kids, that are into fast and nasty punk. Cheers!

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50




This is Austria’s Cold War, and not the American band on Indecision. They play brutal hardcore; 5 tracks in total including a cover of "Cold War" by Siege. San Francisco’s Voetsek offer up 3 new tracks of raging thrash violence. Fans of Spazz to Hirax will rock out to this slab.

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50


CON-800 - Demo 1982 7" EP

 CON 800 7'' demo 1982. Yess finally on vinyl !! After 30 years !! 14 songs here and its fast in your face hardcore like the good old days. Sound is great. Only 300 copies. A MUST !!!

Sek 50 - euro 6 - $ 7


Danger! Danger! - st 7'' EP
HARDCORE-PUNK / THRASHPUNK - New hardcore punk outfit from Tübingen and the exact members of the mighty TOLERANZGRENZE, also with analogys to NIHIL BAXTER. Fast and tight thrashpunk between LIGHTS OUT and ALARMSTUFE GERD or classics like MINOR THREAT, REAGEN YOUTH and NEGATIVE APPROACH on coffein and speed. Oldschool hc with a political message! Six songs, seven inch. Fuck off!

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50


DOUBLE NEGATIVE - Hardcore Confusion Vol II 7"

The second in Double Negative's four-volume Hardcore Confusion 7" series finds the band blasting out two more certified riff monsters. For those of you who who like their mid-paced stompers like "Endless Disappointment" and "Stop Growing," these two songs might be your new favorites. Includes color vinyl, deluxe jackets with spot-gloss printing and digital download. Sorry State Records

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50


DRIPPING LIPS (damned) - My Heaven/Once Upon a Time - 7"

Featuring BRIAN JAMES. LAST COPIES! Two monster tracks of primitive raw energy featuring the chainsaw massacre six strings style of the former Damned and Lords of New Church guitarist. These are two alternate versions not available on their album. PIC SLV

Sek 40 - euro 4.50 - $ 6 


Friends Of Dorothy - Jimmy Jansson 7'' (colored vinyl, limited 200)

 GARAGE / PUNK / POWERPOP - Sir Henry Fiat from Henry Fiats Open Sore is back with his new orchestra. Great punkrock as always! Seventies-sounding punk stuff, with trebly, slashy guitars and an early Damned feel for a hook. Not as insane as HFOS, it’s more melodic, but still aggressive. Awesome stuff!



INSTÄNGD - Mitt Svar på Ingenting 7" EP/

INSTÄNGD - Drag Utan Drog 7" EP

Sweden's Instangd are a new band featuring members of Regulations and Tristess, but they don't sound anything like the melodic punk of those bands. On Mitt Svar Pa Ingenting, Instangd take as their main influence old, barbaric Scandinavian punk like Headcleaners / Huvudtvatt, Missbrukarna, or S.O.D. (the Swedish one, not the one from New York). If you need a less obscure comparison, Urban Waste would make a good reference point since this has a completely blown-out, blistering guitar sound and catchy, punk-as-shit vocals. Needless to say, this six-song rager destroys everything in its path.

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50 (each)



This is the first of a series the Doc will re-issue from the legendary Hardcore band; GOVERNMENT ISSUE. "Make an Effort" was originally released on Fountain Of Youth records in 1982. Re-mastered to perfection by guitarist Tom Lyle himself, this 7"ep has all the power and energy that made GOVERNMENT ISSUE the punk rock icons they are. 4 songs in all: "Teenager in a Box", "No Way Out", "Twisted Views" and "Sheer Terror". Get this while you, these WILL sell fast!

Sek 40 - euro 4.50 - $ 6


Human Abfall - SNG 7'' EP

Colored vinyl !!! Human Abfall, bestehend aus vier Menschen, die in Städten wie Stuttgart und Berlin leben müssen, sind im aktuellen Interesse unumstößlich die eigenständigste Punk Band! Das Soundgerüst besteht aus noisig, surfigem Gitarrensound mit knarzigen Bassläufen und einem hervorragendem minimalistisch schepperndem Schlagzeugbeat! Der Sänger und Agitator, live stets mit verwirrt finsterer Miene, verpackt den sperrigen Düsseldorfer Post-Punk-Kunstwixersound in einen Früh-80er -Deutschpunk mit sarkastischen, ironischen Texten und schafft es trotz wutentbrannten manisch wiederholenden Dada-Parolen dem Hörer stets ein Grinsen zu entlocken. Seit SYPH’s “Zurück zum Beton”, MITTAGSPAUSE’s „Herrenreiter“ oder Billy Mo’s „Ich kauf mir lieber einen Tiroler Hut“ ist kaum eine andere Band mehr auf so geniale Parolen wie “ich schlaf neben meiner Betonmischmaschine”, „als Lebenskonzept mit dem Eisbrecher in die Arktis – in die Ferien fahrn“ und auf “auf drei Inkarnationen das Karma völlig ruiniert” gekommen. Eine Band im Fahrwasser von aktuellen deutschen Bands wie FRONT, HERPES, DIE NERVEN und trotzdem unvergleichbar. Human Abfall, das ist Angst, Wut, Trotz, Rotz, Humor mit Intellekt und eingängigen Melodien und endlich wieder eine deutschsprachige Band die auf dümmlichkeitsschwangere Emo

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50



LANDMINE-Marathon 7” EP

limited to 100 only on white vinyl

Landmine Marathon follow up last year’s critically and fan acclaimed full length, Gallows, with a new two song self-titled EP. Both songs were recorded in the same sessions as Gallows and will not be heard anywhere else. These songs will destroy you with their hearty mix of old school death, grind and, doom combined with a ferocious vocal onslaught.

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50


Leidkultur - For A Better World 7'' EP

 HARDCORE-PUNK - After the brilliant 1st full-length LP by Nurembergs LEIDKULTUR, heres another 6 song smasher on Spastic Fantastic Records. 6 new tracks of high quality, premium hardcore. A raw and evil rollercoaster ride between bands like FROM ASHES RISE, BOMBENALARM, THE NOW DENIAL or CHAINBREAKER. Long time nothing heard a band from germany being, playing, acting and writing so good, Im in love. Members also play(ed) in bands like ARNOLD STRONG, IMMURED, YOUTH WARS and VENGEANCE. Mastered by Robin Völkert, Tonmeisterei, Dean Dirg. Single comes along in a screenprinted fold out cover. Black on white, purple on white (limited to 65, SFR only!), brown on white (limited, Band only!).

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50

KORO - 700 Club  7" EP

 This is one of the best hardcore records I've ever heard. It reminds me a lot of Poison Idea's Pick Your King EP - it's fast but the band is really tight, and the songs are all over the place. They're also able to throw in some cool tempo changes to mix with the "triple speed hardcore thrash." Not sure about all the lyrics ("Blap"?), but hell, they were like 16 at the time. Bootlegged several times (recently with a different cover and song titles listed in the wrong order), buy it, steal it, find it, tape it, whatever...

Skin-ripping thrash chock full of blistering spasms that detonate this Tennessee invasion in the vein of CAUSE FOR ALARM or D.R.I. KORO thrust a powerful convulsion of firing speed and rapid guitar screaming which swirls in furious catapults of overall chaos. This scorcher is hard to find.
-Pushead, from MRR, 1984

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50




A geographical oddity ? Coincidence, or just good taste haha. Here's yet another HC band from VA who knows what's up . This time around in the embodiment of Mad World. A new band, who seemingly have gotten a steady line up to be heading out pretty soon. This here is their debut s/t 6 song EP. All songs are pummeling and brutal, manical HC ! Sure enough, there's the old USHC and maybe even a mid 80's euro trash style going on. Step it up, ad the always glorious personal 'had it up to here with certain individuals' vibe and you get an idea. Mad World is ready to rip it up ! http://www.myspace.com/madworldhc

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50



After a crushing debut EP on Fashionable Idiots, Chicago's Manipulation (who feature members of Chronic Seizure, Pedestrians, Civic Progress, and other notables) return with an even darker, more twisted, and more compelling foray into the world of noisy hardcore. Clearly inspired by all of the noisy crust punk coming out the past few years, Manipulation are determined not to be beholden to the same influences as every other band out there, instead concentrating on fusing blistering riffs with epic leads and harsh, confrontational lyrics and vocals. These 5 songs will leave you as battered and charred as the building on the cover. Includes mp3 download and obi strip.

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50


NO COMMENT-Common Senseless 7” EP

No Comment, for those who may have missed the boat, No Comment is powerviolence before it had a name and, therefore, is not shitty like the glut of bands unsuccessfully attempting to achieve the sound. This shit is extremely fast hardcore, somewhat similar to Infest, but better. I said it. Gone are the somewhat awkward samples of political speeches from their demo tape and, in their place, is better production and a tighter sound.

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50



NO COMMENT- Live On KXLU 1992 7” EP

limited mailorder only rare khaki green marbled vinyl. Long awaited live set recorded in 1992 Six-page fold out cover/poster . Featured future members of LOW THREAT PROFILE NO COMMENT was power violence before you could spell power violence! Along with other powerviolence bands such as CROSSED OUT, CAPITALIST CASUALTIES and MAN IS THE BASTARD, NO COMMENT were influential in what was known to become the  “West Coast powerviolence” scene for their aggressive musical and conceptual take on the hardcore punk genre. The band’s vocalist, Andrew Beattie, confessed to liking both the metal and hardcore but hating the typical big name crossover bands

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50



OFFENDERS-I Hate Myself/Bad Times 7"

These classic songs by these Texas maniacs released for your listening pleasure. Awesome and essential ! Re-issued by Kangaroo Records.

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50



P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.- new  7”

 Out on the cool Gas Mask Records two songs 7 " of P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. This is awesome hardcore punk rock band from Portland (USA), featuring original of Poison Idea drummer Dean Johnson and Kelly Halliburton (Severed Head of State, Pierced Arrows, Resist).

 Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50



 RF7- Acts Of Defiance 7”EP

RF7 is a long-lived, southern California punk rock band that began in 1979 by Felix Alanis and small time child star of the Sheriff John show Nick Lamagna. Felix also began the record label Smoke Seven Records and signed his band and many others who were ignored by the big labels then, such as Redd Kross, Ba...d Religion, JFA, Crank Shaft, Circle One, Sin 34, Youth Gone Mad, etc. On Acts Of Defiance we are treated to a band still exhibiting many of their former rock influences and while the band would never completely lose those influences it is not the fast raging hardcore with wild out of control guitar leads displayed on the Fall In LP. Includes "Chainsaw Love Affair" first RF7 track played on Rodney on the Rock in 1980.Re-issue by Puke and Vomit Records.

Sek 40 - euro 4.50 - $ 6




RÖVSVETT  /FETT-split 7” EP -  Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50





The Night Stalkers are hardcore punk comming from great France ;).They released a good demo very reminding on old school california and oxnard scene but people in France say "some people said that we sound like minor threat, the fu's, career suicide or early the dwarves maybe " and i really respect that.The Demo contains great 7 songs you must check them out.

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50



Two west coast veterans team up for this raging slab of wax. Oakland, CA's Self Inflicted bring seven songs of intense hardcore reminiscient of bands like No Comment and Capitalist Casualties. Tacoma, WA's Sidetracked bring ten songs in a similar vein with nods to Rupture and Citizens Arrest as well.

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50






URBAN WASTE - s/t  ep  1982  7”EP  

For the 1st time in 30 years, Urban Waste is releasing their sole 82' E.P. on 7" vinyl again. A true blast from the past, NewYork Hardcore...

 Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50



U.S. BOMBS - We Are The Problem / Heartbreak Hotel. - 7"

7-inch COLOR VINYL. Two studio tracks by the OC street punk misfits. The cover and title of the song is a statement in itself. On purple vinyl. Ltd.

Sek 40 - euro 4.50 - $ 6


VENGEANCE  Demo 1983 7" EP

Oxnard hardcore - demo 1983. Yes another thriller 7'' from the past. Finally on 7''. 12 songs here and the sound is great. The music is raging fast hardcore like the way it should be . Raw and fast !! Another fanclub release 200 only.

Sek 50 - euro 6 - $ 7



On this split , two household names in the powerviolence genre come together for an instant classic. Lack of Interest return with some of their first new material since the 90's, and Weekend Nachos move further in the direction of Worthless with 10 furious tracks of unadulterated hardcore. A must-have for any fan of either band, or anybody with a good ear for heavy fastcore.

Sek 45 - euro 5 - $ 6.50



"Shut The Fuck Up And Listen!!!" 7"EP Comp

w/ DI (Yes that legendary CA band), The DEHUMANIZERS, POTBELLY and EMBRACE THE KILL.

Sek 40 - euro 4.50 - $ 6



12" LP



 Hell yessss. New hampshire , usa , 1983. 21 songs here and they are great !! Fast in your face hardcore like the way we want it !!! Glad there is a label that brings out the ,,old,, stuff hardcore. A must for all ,,old,, hardcore fans out there. check also out the older releases of who cares records. Anyway this band kick ass and act fast its sold out before you know it. (WHO CARES RECORDS)

Sek 100 - euro 11 - $ 14




HELLBASTARD - Heading For Internal Darkness LP

HELLBASTARD are back, after many, many years of silence the Metal Crusties from the UK deliver a brand new album. Singer and guitarist Scruff (only left member from the old line-up) added two new members, then they went to the HELLFIRE Studios in Birmingham and recorded 14 furious Metal sonx for this LP. Some people will be surprised that the new sound is very metallic but I love the new songs. Crushing, fast and thrashy sonx with a lot of variety, way more modern Thrash Metal than the metallic Crust HELLBASTARD used to play in the past. This is the new HELLBASTARD of today !!!! Listen to their sound, bang your head and jump around like a maniac !!!

Sek 120 - euro 14 - $ 18  (each)


LETHAL AGGRESSION- "Life is hard, but that's no excuse" LP

Official re-issue of this seminal New Jersey Thrashcore/Crossover classic originally released in 1989 and since then never repressed on vinyl.23 tracks, gatefold cover with printed inner sleeve including lyrics and tons of rare photos.

Sek 120 - euro 14 - $ 18




POSIES - "Success" - LP

No one that would like to be consider a Posies fan could miss this record. "Success" is the album that meant the return to the music scene of the band and also the semi acoustic EP that they released due to Houston Party’s third anniversary.

Sek 100 - euro 11 - $ 14





Their first classic demo 1983 for the first time on vinyl + an incredible live from their first US tour, 1984. 31 songs of pure energetic Italian Hardcore fury!  

 Sek 120 - euro 14 - $ 18



RÖVSVETT - Boll-Mats bjuder på bullkalas 1984-1986 LP


Fast Swedish thrashing hardcore from the hey day of the 80’s scene, full bore 100% hardcore attack featuring both long gone early classic EP’s + rare demo tracks. Kick Ass from 2001, both on Six Weeks Records.

 Sek 120 - euro 14 - $ 18 (each)


Taste Of Fear S/T LP

Groovy death-grind from the vaults, originally out on cd format only in 1994, then printed on lp in 2001 and kidnapped by Italian authority until now. An overdose of bestial no-future grind including a classic Fear Of God cover, tru’ 13 tracks brilliantly produced by Don Fury. Band included members of All Out War, Winter, Citizen’s Arrest, Assuck, Power of Expression and so on.

Sek 100 - euro 11 - $14




Willful Neglect hailed from the East Side of St. Paul and released a self titled 12" in 1982 and the Justice for No One 12" in 1983. Their style was fast aggressive hardcore with some high energy rock influence thrown in. I'd compare them to White Cross or maybe Verbal Abuse. This re issue compiles both 12"s on one LP under license from the bands own Neglected Records, who also released a CD discography a few years ago. This is a split release between Havoc and Hoehnie records.

sek 100 - euro 11- $ 14




various artists - "Taking Out A Little Agression" - a tribute to AGRESSION - LP

Over two YEARS in the making! The Doc is very proud to release one of the best tribute comps to one of the greatest "Nardcore" bands to have emerged out of the early 80's: Agression! I'll let the list of bands speak for this release itself: JFA, Channel Three, Shattered Faith, Fang, MDC, D.I., McRad, Verbal Abuse, Oppressed Logic, Bad Samaritans, and many many more! 28 songs in all. All doing their personal favorite Agression song. Great liner notes, photo's and old fliers included with cd booklet!

Sek 80 - euro 8.50 - $11






20 SEK - $ 3 - € 2:50






Fast Punkrock as Fuck from Tidaholm. Fight Back Records. listen to their songs site http://www.subalert.net/

Brutal Swedish Hardcore……



”Traveling With George”  2 x CD

w/ Symbol Six,The Diet Brainwash Machine, RF7, Chelsea Hotel, Tv Eye, Glorias Head, Heatlers, Livingstons, Spermometers, Neon Maniacs, SNO, Paul `D Band, Gears, Disguster, Puke For Breakfast, The Here After, Snuff Film Festival, Standars and Poor, Thirsty Livers, American Jihad and Dr Matranga. Compilation of the Year. Two CDs , for the price of one CD.







 The World Cup of Punk championship is taking place between the U.S.A. and Italy. 26 year punk veterans, The Dehumanizers are representing the U.S., while Italy goes strong with its own veterans of the hardcore scene, Deep Throat. Eight tracks from the Dehumanizers. Seven tracks from Deep Throat producing by punk legend Don Zentiara. The 15 combined tracks will lead to a New World Odor.



RF7-Fall In CD

CD re-issue of this 1982 Californian punk/ hardcore legend!. Features bonus material - three tracks from the "submit to them freely" EP from 1983 and a previously unreleased track





FREEZE - "Land Of The Lost/Rabid Reation" - CD

You can't think early 80's hardcore without thinking THE FREEZE. They were right there at the heart of the Boston punk scene since day one! These two releases; Land of the Lost and Rabid Reaction epitomize hardcore punk rock at it's finest. It's that simple because it's true. Ferocious guitar work by Bill Close along side the demented ranting of Cliff Hanger make this a MUST have Punk Rock release. And the Doc isn't done with that oh "Strange" ones. He's also added some never before versions of FREEZE songs from their 1982 "Guilty Face" sessions for a bonus. That's 27 songs total! Okay, you are dismissed now.




FREEZE - Freak Show / Crawling Blind - CD

Dr. Strange released Crawling Blind/Freak Show, a compilation of two albums by stalwart Boston punks the Freeze. Both had originally been issued by the TAANG affiliate Lost & Found in the early 1990s







After some great releases in the early ’80s on Posh Boy Records (collected on CD as The Skinhead Years), the Channel 3 boys tossed their punk roots aside for an ill-fated excursion into beer-soaked roots rock with their “Last Time I Drank…” album in the mid-’80s, then quickly sank without a trace. The band’s main men, vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Mike Magrann and guitarist/vocalist Kim Gardener return to the scene 20 years later with an album that side-steps their roots rock years and jumps right back into the punk fray. Though not as bitingly raw as their early years (it is 20 years later, after all), Magrann and Gardener do not embarrass themselves with lame re-writes of early glories. Instead, they play it like they mean it, knowing that they’re a little bit older, but not sure if anyone is any wiser? Like a mixture of Agent Orange and the Clash, CH3 sets the guitars to blast and proceeds to shred your speakers with an onslaught of intelligent, well-written, and passionately played punk rock. Best of Intentions, Faith, Bourbon, Dignity, The Fortune Is a Lie, and Ready for Me are the instant standouts, but after a handful of listens, this whole album earns its rightful place in your memory banks. Welcome back, boys.







One of the most essential releases in Doctor Strange's ongoing series of historical punk reissues, Fits and Starts collects the early history of one of the most important bands in '80s U.K. punk, Flux of Pink Indians. Although Flux of Pink Indians were affiliated with the Crass collective and the fiery political polemics found here prove the deep connection, they were musically closer to the Mekons, in that the group consistently explored musical themes and ideas outside of the three-chord punk that originally inspired them. (This questing spirit led the group to found the One Little Indian label, one of the few '80s indies to score big on the pop charts -- with the Sugarcubes and the Heart Throbs, among others -- and still stay true to its collective roots.) This compilation, however, focuses entirely on the group's raucous, shouty, and propaganda-oriented early days; indeed, the first three-quarters of the compilation consists of previously unreleased recordings made in 1979-1980 under their original (and most fitting) name, the Epileptics. This is barebones agit-pop punk, strictly for fans of the style, but it's an essential historical document that at its best reminds listeners of the overwhelming power of the early peace punk movement. 24 tracks.



Stalag 13 "in control" CD

Fast skate-core punk from Oxnard. Positive, skating hardcore that made history, re-issued officially on vinyl. The origins of youth crew, maybe…





DISTRORTION - Under The skin" - CD

Great old-school punk from UK. Formed in early eighties. Retch Records.



Saw Throat "indestroy" CD

Pounding and pummelling industrial slo-mo grind ante litteram. The Sore Throat buddies changed their moniker for this 1989 album just because it was something very different from the original band. This is the ideal soundtrack for a nuclear future interceptor clone b movie of the 80’s.





FLOWER LEPERDS-The Original Group CD

Compilation with all songs they recorded for Mystic (Riding the Blade 7", tracks from compilations etc.). Gloomy punk between Undead & 45 Grave. Atmospheric stuff.



POSIES - "Success" - CD

No one that would like to be consider a Posies fan could miss this record. "Success" is the album that meant the return to the music scene of the band and also the semi acoustic EP that they released due to Houston Party’s third anniversary.





POSIES - "Alive Before The Iceberg" - CD

ALIVE BEFORE THE ICEBERG. LP. Album that was to become an official (but brief) goodbye for the band. Although re-unite again now, this record brings to mind memories of their split-up and the personal story of the band. White vinyl that displays all their successful songs, and all the moving moments of the band: "Flavour of the month", "Please return it", "Broke record", "Start a Life" among others…



SALTINE - " Find Yourself Alone" CDs

FIND YOURSELF ALONE. CDSG. Frontman Ken Stringfellow brings here four songs of a softer sound, pop-orientated guitars and lovely lyrics. The record includes three great tracks: "Find yourself alone" "Reveal Love" and "Any sign at all".





various artists - " For A Few Crash Helmets More" - CD

Retch Records sampler w/ Varukers,Instigators,Insane,Blitzkrieg, Sanity Assassins and 19 more bands.



various artists - " Revenge Of The Killer Crash Helmets" - CD

Retch Record sampler w/ Paradox UK,English Dogs,Varukers,sensa Yuma and many more.



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